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Starting routine hasn't don't much to my organizational skills.
I thought when kid goes to school, we start routine, she goes to bed early and has to do some homework... I'll have some more time to write, and for myself.
But I was wrong.
Yes, kid has started school. And it's wonderful to have a nice timetable hanging in her bedroom wall. But I wasn't counting on day job. This year money is short in every company, and town halls are not an exception. So I have more work to do and no help to do it. I had to take two groups, so I'm teaching two workshops to disabled people most of them with some mental issues. First one on how to use computers and the internet on their daily life. And second one a bit more open, on Creativity. We will work a theme each week, and they will create whatever they feel like it (writing, drawing, painting, sculpting...). And preparing these classes is sucking me time.
And then, November is around the corner. It's been two years now since my first NaNoWriMo, and I can't think of a November without the craziness, the urge to write, the sharing in the forums, and on Twitter, and on Facebook... and everywhere. But I'm in the middle of revising my YA, the one I started last NaNo, and it's not finished by far. I'm on a third draft, more or less. And now that's when I get unsure. What do I do? Forget about NaNo and go on with my edits and finish the ONE novel I think I may be able to send away (when it's finished, of course) and be picked to get published or forget about it for one month and write a hasted first draft for another thing I'll have to work for another year?
I've got a notebook full of different ideas, but I've read it, and none really gets my attention right now. None of them makes my fingers tickle and gets me into writing.
So disappointing to be unsure. But still got a few days to make my mind... :)



As promised in the coming back post this September I will post some thoughts on Mockingjay. I'll try not to spoil anyone because I wouldn't have wanted to be spoilored either. In fact, I was one who rushed to the shop the same day it came out just to have one of the first copies and read it in a couple of days just in case someone told me a word or two of what happened at the end of Mockingjay.

At this point, I've read some reviews already. Some are good, some are not that good. It was, of course, impossible for Collins to write a book that satisfied the enormous amount of fans the trilogy had already gained before Mockingjay was published. Anyway, for an attentive reader it was so clear this installment was about war, no one should be surprised about the outcome.

But let's talk about how she's done it, and not about what happens:

Collins used the same pattern in books 1 and 2 (tributes, TV show-bussiness, make-up and attrezo, and a violent outcome where kids/people had to defend themselves against aggression of the government). Twisting it a bit, because Katnis is no longer in the hands of the Capitol but she's with the rebels who act the same way, the pattern is almost complete. This brings like a sense of comming home, of knowing something will happen. And then, she twists it a bit farther.

Collins used a wonderful reluctant heroine, Katnis, who embodies perfectly the awkwardness of being a teen confronting adult society and norms. To teens, norms seem absurd. To Katnis, Capitol norms are to be defeated. But even adults relate to Katnis's fight for freedom. Because her struggle may seem what we all want for ourselves.

And finally the end. Won't tell anything about it, I just will tell it's a perfect ending to the series and it will force you to think about it for a while, not for a day or two. I've read it a week ago and I'm still rereading some parts and thinking about it. She made a clear point: Wars are useless, it's up to humanity to take her word and go on from here.

I'm sure there are more things, but will have to think about them. Just wanted to make sure you knew I've been reading... and thinking. A lot :).




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  • 17 Nov 2010, 04:08
    Oh, and eek. Don't know why that first URL linked only halfway. Guess you'll have to copy and past that one. Sorry!
  • 17 Nov 2010, 04:05
    Just my opinion, but it sounds like your inner self / muse REALLY wants to finish that YA. It might work out better for you anyway, not having to rush to work on something else and just using each…
  • 5 Oct 2010, 10:22
    Thanks mum!
    Not sure if finishing something is right for me or I have to let it sleep for a while to see what works and what needs more effort.
    I still have a month before NaNo starts. And... of…
  • 5 Oct 2010, 10:14
    I know how fond of our writing you are... just do something short but concentrate on what's in the middle of the way. Talk to you soon!
  • 3 Oct 2010, 23:29
    My problem is that everything excites me.
    Revisions... yeah, I'm loving them because I love my story, and my characters.
    Writing new things... yes, absolutely!
    I guess I'll try to end this draft…
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